Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage
"A married couple has every reason to pursue a great sex life together, as long as they observe the basic rules God has provided."
Genesis Chapter 2
1 Corinthians Chapter 7

Sex is an important and wonderful part of marriage. It was created by God and is the covenant sign of the marriage relationship. It can improve a marital relationship and also serve as an indicator of the health of that relationship.

It's important to know three basic truths about sex:

First, God created sex for pleasure and lifelong enjoyment in marriage. While the devil may try to tell you that sex is inherently dirty or that you can only have satisfying sex outside of marriage, neither declaration is true.

Second, the parameters God has set for sex are for our protection-not to kill our pleasure. He gave us a few basic rules: no fornication, no adultery, no homosexuality, and so on. But apart from such rules, married partners a free to enjoy each other's bodies.

Third, God created men's and women's sexual differences so as to make the marriage relationship more dynamic. Our spouse can make us less selfish and can open us up to a world we did not know existed.

Furthermore, there are five ingredients of sexual fulfillment.

First, meet your spouse's needs. Whether or not you are "in the mood," it is important to meet each other's sexual needs in a committed and faithful manner.

Second, communicate your sexual needs. Though it may feel embarrasing, a couple needs to talk about what they like and don't like. Communication needs to take place before, during, and after sex.

Third, protect the integrity of the marriage. Married persons must never let an affair or other impurity violate their marriage covenant. Keep the marriage bed pure in actions as well as thoughts (see Hebrews 13:4).

Fourth, create an atmosphere of sexual pleasure. This means being creative about romance and sex and truly meeting the unspoken needs of your spouse.

Fifth, deal with sexual problems. If one partner has a sexual dysfunction, that one should seek help as soon as possible so as not to deprive the other.
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