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Mr. Command Man
God is dominant, a sovereign and all powerful God.
A few men are born with more than their share of dominance, and on the surface, a deficit in gentleness. They often end up in positions that command other men. We will call them Command Men. They are born leaders.

They are often chosen by other men to be military commanders, politicians, preachers, and heads of corporations.

Winston Churchill, George Patton, and Ronald Reagan are examples of dominant men. Since our world needs only a few leaders, God seems to limit the number of these command men. Throughout history, men created in God the Father's image have all surrounded themselves with good men to help get big jobs completed. Command Men usually do more than is required of them.

They are known for expecting their wives to wait on them hand and foot. A Command Man does not want his wife involved in any project that prevents her from serving him. If you are blessed to be married to a strong, forceful, bossy man, as I am, then it is very important for you to learn how to make an appeal without challenging his authority. We will discuss how to make an appeal later in this book.

Command Men have less tolerance, so they will often walk off and leave their wife before she has a chance to realize that she is even close to losing her marriage. By the time that she realizes that there is a serious problem, she is already a divorced mother seeking help in how to raise her children alone.

A woman can fight until she is blue in the face, yet the Command Man will not yield. He is not as intimate or vulnerable as are the other men in sharing his personal feelings or vocation with his wife.

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